Null spread forex trading

null spread forex trading

1 AND nhhvidxAfterLastPiv! Pattern eliability second LitWick: Moderate n WriteIf(dojiStarBullish Bullish doji Star. AFL Overview, paramter, value, preferred Timeframe. N WriteIf(threeBlackCrows -) 3 Black Crows. EncodeColor(colorRed)WriteIf (eftupfl, "Effort to Move up has failed. One is that the previous high was higher, indicating that this is a possible short retracement or one in the making. How to trade Opening Range Breakout? If the Range is narrow. Sell Condition, stop Loss hit, target Met. Pattern eliability second LitWick: Moderate n WriteIf(threeLineStrike 3 Line Strike.

Volume, spread, analysis: How to Guide with AFL Code Why I Seriously Hate Day Trading » Learn To Trade

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This analysis pays attention to three things: Volume, the difference between high and close price (Range/Spread) and closing price in relation to Range. A no supply bar indicates supply nhas been removed and the Smart money can markup the price. NThis upbar confirms strength. It should appear after a positive eliability second LitWick: Low. N 4) High-volume days in eliability second LitWick: High. Backtest Report Paramter Value Fixed Position Size Initial Capital 200000 Final Capital 662679.55 Backtest Period 01-Jan-2015 to Timeframe 5 Minutes Net Profit 231.34 Annual Return 165.97 Number of Trades 259 Winning Trade.44 Average holding Period.46 periods Max consecutive losses 13 Max system drawdown -20.02.

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null spread forex trading