Disco operators usually think of price all the rage terms of what is known at the same time as the average or expected house benefit on each bet placed by players. The second point on the slides is my discussion about how these devices are attractive and addictive, can you repeat that? are the characteristics of them so as to make them so.

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You can see why the operators would like this device because it accelerates the rate at which people add money to their business. I've seen machines which have, you know, add than 50 million possible outcomes. Accordingly, there's a huge number of outcomes possible with an electronic gambling android. Armed with this knowledge, management can be more willing to increase prices.

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Be grateful you very much. So, getting five kings has odds of one all the rage , but because there are compound king symbols on the later reels, it's not unusual to see a grouping of multiple king symbols arrange the screen. Specifically, the sum of all the individual losses is old to fund the big jackpots. Accordingly, you get a very significant bargain in the actual return to act for everyone who doesn't win a jackpot or doesn't have good accident, as it were, with the features, and, sadly, that can be about everyone. However, in casinos it is frequently the case that those limits are lifted. The gaming industry is big business in the U. The machine provides a random reinforcement agenda, as Skinner would have called it, and it provides sights and sounds and, in some cases, even smells that will condition the user en route for want to keep doing this.

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At once, as I said, this can be a very, very remote possibility, conceivably one in 20 million, one all the rage ten million, something like that. Accordingly, the important thing to look by here is the number of symbols on each reel. I've seen machines which have, you know, more than 50 million possible outcomes. Now, you know, for many years we knew about conditioning principles and we knew that they worked. At least all the rage Victoria there is some practical appraisal which the regulator imposes by looking at the aggregate of machines above the year but, in most jurisdictions, it's simply the theoretical RTP at the same time as certified by the testing agency. Accordingly, if you're operating on a individual cent machine and you're operating 50 lines, then the one cent android immediately becomes a 50 cent android, so every time you push the button you're spending 50 cents. Accordingly, it establishes behaviour which is actual hard to extinguish and, unfortunately designed for those of us who think so as to we're better than animals in a lot of respects, humans operate on exactly the same principle, if you give a human a set of unpredictable rewards, that will establish behaviour associated along with that reward which is very arduous to extinguish. All right, so that's some of the background I conjecture, it's important that we understand why it is that people use EGMs.

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Accordingly, when the user pushes the close to, you know, place a anticipate, then the machine grabs one of those numbers from each reel, before four each reel, and converts it into a series of patterns arrange the screen. So, the effect of this is to allow near misses to appear quite regularly, and we know from research that near misses also produce a response, a physiological response which is not quite at the same time as significant as that achieved from also an actual win or a beating disguised as a win, but allay, a significant reward. Thanks to the AIFS and AGRC staff, including the people listed, to the anonymous assessor and to many of my colleagues and people with whom I've worked on this over the last combine of decades. And, if you amble into a casino, you will additionally encounter quite a distinct smell so as to you're unlikely to get anywhere also, and that's because most casinos drain odours through the air to acquire an association with that activity. Can you repeat that? it doesn't mean is that you will get 85 per cent of your stake back even over the long haul. Now, most serious users of EGMs select as many lines as possible, and the reason designed for this, of course, is in a curious sort of way they're abundantly risk-averse, that is, I know it's a funny thing to say, although people are very unhappy if they see a win occurring in a line they're not playing.

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After that, if you walk into a disco, you will also encounter quite a distinct smell that you're unlikely en route for get anywhere else, and that's as most casinos pump odours through the air to develop an association along with that activity. Unfortunately, the evidence is fairly convincing that people who abuse EGMs have no real conception of the price, so we tend en route for use RTP as a proxy designed for the price. And so it was very common, as has now been known for some years, for abuser to select what they call the minimax strategy, so you will anticipate the minimum amount on the ceiling number of lines. So, the central thing to look at here is the number of symbols on all reel. Personally, I think it would be better to point out en route for people that it's not necessarily constant how much you spend, although so as to can be important, but how a lot you go that is going en route for be a predictor of the chance of having a problem. So, they did an experiment in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and reduced their RTP, and all it did was make them more money. Some ancestor mistakenly thing that the machines allow this predetermined outcome and that they will periodically deliver prizes.


At once, the other thing to remember is that most poker machines, and Dolphin Treasure is an example, pay as of left to right. Now, jackpots are different from maximum prizes, the ceiling prize on a machine occurs after you get an order of symbols which triggers the highest prize. Accordingly, in any — in the avenue of any EGM session you bidding lose a bit, then you bidding win a little bit, then you will lose a bit, then you will win a little bit, although, overtime, the trajectory of your ante is downwards. One final question at this juncture, "High alcohol products are taxed a good deal higher than low alcohol products along with the view to reducing harm all the way through reduced consumption. We now have age for some questions, and they're curve through which is fantastic. Well, we have another question related to the RTP, this one's a bit elongate but I'll read it out. All the rage most other Australian jurisdictions, and all the rage most overseas jurisdictions, RTP is calculated by the theoretical performance of the game over its game cycle. Accordingly, if you hear a specific activate when you get a reward, you will rapidly associate that sound along with the reward or a smell before a sight like flashing lights before something which indicates that you've arrive a reward. How do we amount RTP?

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